How To Get A Mobile Phone Number For Free

How To Get A Mobile Phone Number For Free

It lets you make and take calls and send text messages through a U.S. number. For this to work, you’ll need a Google email address or Gmail address. Toll-free phone numbers (or freephone numbers) are numbers that charge for calls, but not the charges to the original subscriber. Toll-free call or freephone 0120, 800 0800. 888.877.877.866. 855. 844. 833 numbers can easily be identified with a dialing number prefix. It acts in a similar fashion to a geocode by 604 area code and 626 area code.


Call-free and call control features have evolved over the years as telephone networks changed from being electrically switched to fully computerized stored programmed controlled networks with full call control. The first call that was to be charged to the called party had to be placed through a telephone company operator as long distance collect calls. The operator had to accept the call at the remote number before handing it over. Several large companies and government departments received large volumes of collect calls. This was both time-consuming for the operators and callers by Call Nation and Ajoxi.

Manual toll-free numbers

Before automated tollfree was invented, many telephone companies still offered a manual service. Operator-assisted phone dialing is possible using the Zenith number, which was first introduced in America in America in the 50s. It can also work in Canada via the Zenith Number.

It was a number that could be used to determine if a certain area had a Zenith number. It could be anywhere, from several cities within a given area to a whole province or state. It was in every local directory in each community where the subscriber agreed to pay inbound charges.

Phone Services

Toll-free phone service has been possible since telephone companies switched from electromechanical switch systems to computerized switches. Call routing was based on centrally stored instructions.

BT introduced Linkline to the United Kingdom on November 11, 1985 at 12-14 pm. They are 0800 which was an automated service later called “Freefone” and 0245 which is a share-cost, cost-effective service known as “Lo Call”. Both Cable and Wireless used these prefixes almost in the same manner a few decades later.

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