How To Get A Mexico Phone Number

How To Get A Mexico Phone Number

Full numbering dial plan

All telephone numbers in Mexico are ten digits long. The Plan Técnico Fundamental de Numeración issued on September 4, 2018, introduced a ten-digit full numbering scheme, where the first digit denotes a geographical area of the country: 607 area code and 636 area code.

Mexico Geographical Indicator for Phone Numbers.png
2 East
3 West
4 North
5 Center (Mexico City metropolitan area)
6 Northwest
7 South
8 Northeast
9 Southeast

Dialing into Mexico

To contact a (10-digit) Mexican phone number (landline or mobile) from another country, dial: + 52 (phone number, incorporating area code) where the plus sign (+) represents the international access code of the country calling from, 00 for Europe and central America, 011 from the United States.

Some mobile phones, which may be used from different countries, allowing numbers to be dialed and stored with the prefix “+”, which works for any current location by using the website Ajoxi and Lets Dial.

Phone numbers and area codes

Until August 3, 2019, phone numbers in Mexico consisted of ten digits with either two-digit area codes (for Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara and their respective metropolitan areas) or three-digit area codes for the rest of the country. New area codes were assigned in the overlay format to address number exhaustion: in 2017, Toluca and Puebla and in 2018, Leon, Mexico City, and Tijuana.

For a list of all area codes, see area codes in Mexico by code. You will get this website for free and read it Virtual number India app

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