Free British Phone Number

Free British Phone Number

The Office of Communications in England manages telephone telephone numbers. Ofcom designed a system that assigns telephone numbers to subscribers by Prepaid Mall and Lets Dial. The numbers have a variable length. The prefix ‘0’ can also be used for numbers. This prefix denotes an area of service or geographical location. Numbers can be transferred between providers by using this prefix.


All geo-locational numbers are represented by This structure is part of the UK’s National Numbering Plan.

Prefix type service

  • International: 00
  • 01 Area codes
  • 02 Geographical area codes were established in 2000.
  • 03 Other Geographical Numbers: Charged at the standard geo-area code rates (introduced in 2007, 2007)
  • 04 Not in use
  • 05 Corporate Numbering; VoIP Services; Toll Free Services (0500) Available until June 2017.
  • 06 Not in use
  • 07 Mobile phone telephony (071xx075xx/077xx-079xx), personal numerating (070xx), UK wireless networks (076244), and pagers (076xx).
  • 08 Toll Free Service (080x), Special Rate Services (084x and 087x).
  • 09 Premium rate services

The United Kingdom has five area codes 605 area code and 630 area code. Five area codes exist in the UK.


01, 02: Geographic Nos

Numbers with 01 or 02 as their first characters are standard phone numbers. The first is the area number. It is initial. The second section, often separated by a space from the code, is called the ‘local number or’subscriber number’. Although it is usually 6, 7, or 8, it can sometimes be as short as 4 or 5, depending on the situation. This number can only be used within a specific area code. Manchester is the only place that could have the number (9460018).

Examples: (020) 7946 0018, (0117) 504 1102, (01632) 402881, (01647) 61321, (015394) 52749, (016977) 3789.

03 – UK Wide Numbers

Numbers beginning with 03 are designated for businesses, government, or other organisations that require a number not tied to one part of the country. According to the law, they must be charged for the same calls as any normal 01 or 02 number from fixed phones or mobiles.

05, Businesses and Internet Phones
  • Large companies may need to have a large number for their private networks.
  • 056 numbers are available for internet phone service. They can be used to call an Internet service using a regular telephone number.
  • Fixed phone users can call free to 0500 number
07: Personal and mobile numbers
  • These numbers can be used for mobile phones as also similar services over the mobile network:
  • Business and private individuals use 070 numbers as personal numbers to forward calls from their phones to 070 numbers. These numbers can prove to be quite costly to call.
  • For pager calls, 076 should be used. 07624 should be used for mobile phones.
  • All numbers beginning with 07 can be used as mobile phones.
08 – Special Rate
  • These numbers may be charged at a higher price than normal calls.
  • Fixed phone numbers can be called at 0800, 0808 or 0808 for free. Other than some charity numbers, calls to mobile phones are not charged.
  • Numbers beginning 084 denote revenue-share numbers. These numbers will impose a service charge of 1-5 percent per minute on the caller
  • All numbers starting with 087 (except 0970) are revenue-share. Callers will be charged a Service Cost of 5-10 Pence per Minute
  • Service Charge based on first six numbers of the called number

Call 084 or 087 to get the Access Charge. Landline providers charge 0-10 pence per call

08-number calls will be charged an Access Fee of between 20-40 pence each. The cost for call packages does not include 08 numbers and can go up to 45 pence per minute.

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