Business Phone Number India

Business Phone Number India

India’s mobile number starts with 9-8 or 7, 7 or 6. Multiple private operators may be permitted in any telecom circle. This includes Reliance Jio along with Bharti Airtel (Vodafone Idea ltd) Every mobile number is 10 bytes. These numbers identify both the operator of the network and the circle within Prepaid Mall and Lets Dial.

Telecom circles

The Department of Telecommunications shattered India into several telecom circles. Each circle is treated as a local call.

A state’s entire territory is considered a network. A telecom circle is an entire state.

All calls between Mumbai Metro Metro Metro Metro, Maharashtra Telecom Circle or Maharashtra Telecom Circle in Chennai Metro, as well as between Uttar Pradesh Telecom Circle territory service territories and Chennai Metro will be merged into Interservice area calls for routing. Mobile-to-mobile subscribers are exempt from access deficit fees (ADCs).


India’s Department of Telecommunications is responsible for India’s telephone numbers. This is part of the National Numbering Plan of 2013. India’s Department of Telecommunications administrates India’s phones under the National Numbering Plan of 2015. India has been assigned country code 91 by the International Telecommunication Union.

Subscriber dialing codes are assigned to every village, town, or city. Two-digit codes are used for larger metropolitan areas 615 area code and 661 area code.

  • 11 – New Delhi, Delhi
  • 22 – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 33 – Kolkata, West Bengal
  • 44 – Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • 20 – Pune (Maharashtra)
  • 40 – Hyderabad, Telangana
  • 79 – Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
  • 80 – Bengaluru, Karnataka
Format for dialing fixed-line numbers

Because variable length dialing rules exist, there is no need for a prefix to make calls within the same geographic area from one landline number to another. To dial any fixed phone number within India, with a mobile telephone, a prefix of the same area number zero + is required.

  • Call an Indore number by dialing
  • To call, you can use an Indore phone number.
  • Mumbai landline phone number: 0731 Then, the number
  • Contact any Indian mobile telephone at 0731
  • To contact outside India dial +91, 731.

Many Indian businesses rent keywords for monthly fees. Costs of messages vary depending on their operator and company.

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