Wholeslaes VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol or IP telephony also refers to a set of technologies and methods that allow voice communications to be sent over Internet Protocol network (IP) networks. Internet telephony or broadband telephony refers to the provisioning communication services (voice, text, SMS, voice messaging) via the Internet. Not via the public switched telephone networks (PSTN), which is also known simply as telephone service (POTS). VoIP calls can work in the same way that traditional digital telephones. They optimize the media stream according their requirements and bandwidth.


Voice-over IP providers have the ability to design business models and offer technical solution that are very similar to old telephone network architecture. This was a great way to save money and make calls easily. However, it was not possible to mix and match third-party hardware and software. Google Talk and third generation VoIP services allow for dynamic interconnections with users from different domains. VoIP is not only available for VoIP phones, it can also be used on personal computers or other Internet access devices by this Website My Country Mobile and Ace Peak Investment. The framework for VoIP allows users to combine all of the existing communication technologies into a single system.


VoIP uses acronyms and abbreviations as well as terms. Decoder is coder/decoder. Converts audio signals from your voice into digital formats that can be transmitted over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Transforms audio signals from your vocals into digital forms by Wholesale Voice.

1. Session Ignitation Protocol – (SIP): This communication protocol allows the exchange and reception of multimedia messages.

2. Direct Inward Calling: This phone service allows customers to ring specific phones directly from their businesses, without having to go through menus and wait lists. PSTN is the Public Switched Telephony Network. This system uses copper cable to transport voice data by the Call Mama

Types of VoIP.

1. Unified Communications:  This refers a group of apps that are capable of supporting different communication methods, including screen sharing (videoconferencing) and voicemail.

2. VoIP Wholesale Provider:  Wholesale VoIP service providers are companies that offer VoIP services to other VoIP provider network service providers by SMS Local.

3. SIP Trunking:  SIP trunking allows you to connect an old PBX using VoIP. Usually, SIP323 protocols are used.4. Mobile VoIP:  Mobile VoIP can be used in conjunction with VoIP to make it cost-effective.