What Is Call Divert

What Is Call Divert?

What happens if the call is diverted?

Call forwarding (also known by call forwarding) allows phone owners to forward and redirect calls to landlines or cell phones. Call Diversion allows you to divert calls to any phone, even your mobile. Call Diversion can even divert calls to your mobile phone while it is busy. Call Diversion requires a touch phone that can be switched to tone dialing. This feature is available on most modern phones for this website Call Nation and Prepaid Mall.

What does it mean to call divert?

Call forwarding (or call diversion) is a telephony service that redirects a telephone call to another destination. This could be a number on the other end of the line, such as a mobile, or another mobile.

Ernest J. invented Call Forwarding. Bonanno. This allows the subscriber access to call forwarding on other telephones than theirs Most European networks will display that unconditional call forwarding has a specific dial tone in Europe. But similar systems can be used in other countries.


The ISDN Diversion and Supplemental Services standards documents use the term “diversion”, to describe particular features such “Call forwarding busy”, Call forwarding no reply, and “Call deflect”.

Call forwarding or call diversion is a telephony function of all telephone switching system that redirects a phone call to another destination. This could be a mobile, another mobile, or another number where the called party is available. Call forwarding begins when someone answers the phone. To activate call forwarding, if no one answers the phone or the line is jammed, you must repeat the dialing sequence. Dial *73 to disable call forwarding. This feature requires a subscription to the telephone company. Remote Access to call forwarding is also available in certain areas by 602 area code and 620 area code. This allows the subscriber to control call forwarding from other telephones than their own. Call forwarding can also be done via VOIP or cable telephone systems.


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