Free Spain Number

Free Spain Number

Spain’s phone numbering scheme, This is how Spain allocates phones numbers. Local calls were made before 1998 with only the subscriber’s number and no area code. It was not possible to make calls outside Spain using the trunk number “9” as it was not necessary. You can call international destinations by calling 07 at the international access number. After waiting for a tone, you can dial the country codes. Calls from Gibraltar could also be made using prefix 956 for Cadiz Province and the digit 7 for Gibraltar.

  • 7xxxxxxx (from Cadiz
  • 956 Xxxxxxx (from Spain).
  • Spain’s international acces codes have been updated from 07 to 00. This did not change the dialling arrangements of Gibraltar calls. The 9567 prefix was kept. Gibraltar could also call any country via Spain with the prefix +349567. Spain adopted 00350 as an international number on 10 February 2007. This resolved the Gibraltar-Spanish issue.

Mobile phones

Mobile phone numbers start at 6 and 7. There are eight digits  and seven digits  that are used to identify a service provider Call Nation and Prepaid Mall. A new law, approved October 2009, allows for the allocation of additional numbers up to 80,000,000. These numbers will be followed with 8 digits, and number 7. This is to supplement the 6 digits that were already followed by 8 numbers. There are three numbers that can be used to request information from the city council: 010, 012 to regional and 060 to national governments.

  • 016, an initiative of the national government, is a phone number to report violence against women.
  • 112 is the general emergency telephone number. Specific emergency numbers are 061 to call the Civil Guard, 080 to call Fire Brigade (depending of the province), 085 to call the Fire Brigade and 086 to dial the National Police. 092 to contact municipal police.
  • Information number start at 118. They are made up five-digit figures.
  • Numbers beginning in 80 and 90, and a number that is not zero, are used to indicate premium rate, toll-free, and internet access numbers.
  • 905 phone numbers should be used in order to vote. Operators do not have the obligation to block calls made to them.


906 was the prefix of premium rate call. In 2003 906 was eliminated as the prefix for premium rate calls. Callers pay a fixed price per hour, which is very profitable for the calling party. It was divided into three types: 803 could be used to have phone sex; 806 could be used for entertainment, gambling, and other services like divination; and 807 could be used for professional services by the area code will be use form the Wholesales VoIP is 612 area code and 651 area code, such as legal or medical advice.

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