2nd Number Australia

2nd Number Australia

Australia’s telephone numbering system allocates Australian phones. In 1994, major reorganizations were undertaken by the Australian Communications & Media Authority by service to help the virtual get number Call Nation and Ajoxi.

Australia has four main areas for its telephone service.

  • 00 International Access and Emergency Access
  • 01 Alternative phone service
  • 014 Satellite phones
  • 0163 Pager numbers
  • 0198 Data numbers (e.g. 0198 Data numbers, e.g.
  • 02 Geographical: Central East, (NSW ACT).
  • 03 Geographical South East Region.
  • 04 Digital Mobile Services (3G/4G/5G & GSM).
  • 0550 Location Independent Communication Services
  • 07 Geographical: Northeast region (QLD).
  • 08 Geographic: Central & West region of the SA NT WA
  • 1 1 Non-geographic (primarily for domestic use; more details can be found below).

Present numbering plan Overview

Australia is also possible to be divided into four areas codes.

This first number represents the type service.

International Emergency Access
  • 01 Additional telephone services
  • 02 Geographical – Central East (NSW ACT).
  • 03 Geographic : South East Region (VIC & TAS).
  • 04 Digital Mobile Services (GSM & 3G).
  • 05 Personal/Universal numberings
  • 07 Geographical : North east region (QLD).
  • 08 Geographic: Central & West Region (SA NTWA).
  • 1 Non-geographic Numbers (mostly domestic)

It is the “Australian Nation Trunk Access Code” (which does not permit you to call Australia).

Geographic numbers

Australia’s fixed numbers (In Australia call the trunk code (0), followed by your area number and finally the CCA (Call Collector area), indicated by the initial four numbers, can be found at major centres. However connections to smaller exchanging may not be possible using 100 numbers. Eight characters are required to dial the local number within a given area. Area codes don’t delineate state/territoritory borders. Wodonga in Victoria is part of the New South Wales (02 area code). Open-dialling plans for landlines are used. To dial an international number, you must do so in its entirety by 614 area code and 660 area code.

Mobile phones

Australia’s mobile number start with 04,05 – Australia’s national trunk code” 0. A mobile indicator 4 and 5 are followed by eight digits. This is typically written as , within Australia, and as +61  when writing for international audiences. Although it may not be correct, this is because mobile carriers advertised numbers so clearly that the owner of the telco could be identified before mobile number portability was introduced on 25 September 2001. Prior to MNP, number blocks were reserved by mobile operators for numbers between 04xyz and 04xyz.

The 2015 Telecommunications Numbering Plan provided for the creation the Prefix05. The prefix was later removed from numbers. Australia insists mobile numbers should be dialed with all ten characters, no matter where they may be located You, Will, be Website the help the services are online call forwarding service and click it.

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